Clifford RAINEY

Né en / Born in 1948 – Royaume-Uni –

Ulster Museum, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Victoria and Albert Museum, London, United Kingdom.

Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Municipal Gallery, Dublin, Ireland.

Queens University, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

An Chomhairle, Arts Council, Dublin, Ireland.

Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland.

Musée de design et d’arts appliqués contemporains, Lausanne, Switzerland

Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, Michigan.

Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Oklahoma.

Institut du Verre, Haute Normandie, France.

Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio.

Galerie Internationale du Verre, Serge Lechaczynski, Biot, France.


1984 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, ” The Present is the Doorway Trough Which the Future Becomes the Past “. Granite, steel, glass, landscaping.

1984 Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland, ” Around This Date I Have Drawn a Circle “. Granite, cast iron.

1984 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, ” Sierra Centre Ruin “. Granite, water, landscaping.

1984 Lime Street Station, Liverpool, United Kingdom. Engraved glass wall.

1987 Technician Instrument Corporation, Dublin, Ireland, ” Name Stone “. Wood, glass, oil paint.

1988 Rex House. St James, London, United Kingdom. Etched glass facade.

1989 Trade Indemnity House, London, United Kingdom. Five etched windows.

1998 Commissioned by the San Francisco Art Commission, ” Water Table ” 911 Communications Center.

Les oeuvres de Clifford RAINEY

The Anvil Rings
Le 07/07/2018
Dimensions : 22 x 16 x 7 cm
Le 13/06/2018
Dimensions : 16 x 16 x 62 cm
The Anvil Rings
Le 07/07/2017
Dimensions : 10 x 16 x 10 cm
The Anvil Rings
Despairing adolescent
Le 08/07/2016
Dimensions : 15x30x15 cm
Despairing adolescent
Digital age
Le 08/07/2016
Dimensions : 25x45x25 cm
Memory Boy
Le 14/09/2013
Dimensions : 82x45x30
Memory Boy
Vertical Block Mould
Le 04/06/2009
Dimensions : 45x15x25 cm
Horizontal Block Mould
Le 04/06/2009
Dimensions : 45x15x25 cm
Enlightenment N° 3 (Nike of Samothrace)
Le 17/06/2008
Dimensions : 35 x 56 x 36 cm
Icône fendue
Le 19/06/2007
Dimensions : 34’’H.x9’’x9’’
Memory Boy
Le 29/06/2006
Dimensions : H 32” x 12” x 12”