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International Gallery of Glass

The first exhibition took place in the summer of 1977… More than 30 years devoted to the love of Art, of eclectic artistic expression through glass, the pre-eminence of the artist, of humanity and the virtuoso craftsman over any theory of art.

This undying love has been expressed through permanent exhibitions, special events and, of course, the Verriales. The Verriales: this is an event in its own right which was first put on in 1989. It is quite unmissable – even for aesthetes who think they have seen everything.

Every year, on the first Friday in July, the event brings together more than 30 artists all working on a single theme which changes every time. This offers an opportunity to check out exclusive designs and works produced especially for this event where excellence combines with quality, diversity and creativity. The Verriales is neither a collective exhibition nor a juxtaposition of one-man shows. It is actually a series of monographs offering talented young artists the chance to rub shoulders with big names and where healthy emulation between artists encourages them to outdo themselves to offer watchful collectors “the piece”. The Galerie also takes an educational approach so that once visitors have been made aware of the techniques used to produce the works, they feel that the essential matter of art lies elsewhere, in the idea, the concept, the artist him or herself, because Ernst Gombrich was so right when he said: “there is no such thing as art, there are only artists.”

Serge Lechaczynski